Welcome to our ASCL internal page 

What you will need to do each semester…

If you want to work in my research lab – whether you’re an undergraduate or a graduate student – each semester that we work together, you will need to:Write a PROPOSAL, with a companion .ppt PRESENTATION,  for what you plan to accomplish:

  • FORMAT: using our  Semester Proposal Template: [Latex];
  • DUE DATES: draft due on the Friday of Week 1 of each semester, and final version due on Friday of Week 2 of each semester.

Write a FINAL REPORT, with a companion .ppt PRESENTATION, for what you plan to accomplish:

  • FORMAT: using our  Semester Final Report Template: [MSWord] see hints here for the needed content and adapt the [Latex] template for the needed format;
  • DUE DATES: draft due on the Monday of  the 2nd Week before Final Week,  and final version due on the Monday of Final Week.

You also need to learn basics academic writing skills and oral presentation skills: some guidelines are available on our Resources webpage.

Here is a list of some of our internal Scheduled events.